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An Online Series By Daniel Mitchell

News and Updates
5/8/03 - Episode 1 is up! Someone told me there may be a problem with it opening in a new window, so you can right click and "save target as" is needed (honor system here: no plagiarizing). This is only a first draft, and I know for a fact that there are dozens of spelling and grammar errors that I will get to in the future. I just want to know what you think of the content, so drop me a line!

4/23/03 - The site is officially up, but episode 1 is not ready yet! I'm working on it! This is an online series of fantasy short stories that follow the path of a tormented young Wandermage in a world that hates him. In the world of Terra, spellcasters are either Guildmages, free to practice "the Art", or Wandermages, unsanctioned and unruly outlaws. Some Wandermages fall into their line by choice, others by misfortune. Either way, their lives are plagued with angst and loneliness. Drawn to the legend of "The Reaper", a powerful Wandermage who seeks out vengeance upon mages who have used their power for evil, a young bardess named Dyna unwillingly stumbles into a world she could never have imagined. Please enjoy, and I would appreciate your feedback!

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