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Wandermage: The Online Series

Wandermage: Episode 14
"White Maiden"

Wandermage: Episode 13
"The Repeating Past"

Wandermage: Episode 12
"Turning Gears"

Wandermage: Episode 11
"Snow White and Sleeping Beauty"

Wandermage: Episode 10
"Call to Arms"

Wandermage: Episode 9
"The Holy City"

Wandermage: Episode 8
"A Hero Emerges"

Wandermage: Episode 7
"Old Friends"

Wandermage: Episode 6
"Signs of the Prophecy"

Wandermage: Episode 5
"One Night in Brenon"

Wandermage: Episode 4
"The Road to Varaxia"

Wandermage: Episode 3
"A Twist of Fate"

Wandermage: Episode 2

Wandermage: Episode 1
"The Reaper"

About the Author


The Online Series By Daniel Mitchell

News and Updates

10/20/05 - This is what happens when Derek breaks my computer - five months since last update. So here it is. Yea, verily.

5/17/05 - So I've been too preoccupied lately to write (I blame a specific person for that one), but I'm not giving up! This episode doesn't have much action, but it's an important segue. Also, we get to see the thoughts of a character we haven't seen before. Interesting motivations, no? Keep reading everyone!

2/22/05 - Update? {Yes, Please}. Sorry, a little FFXI slipped in there. Anyway, first new episode of the year, 2005! Episode 12's title is not final yet, I may change it to "Wheels of War". Let me now which one you guys like better. Also, if anyone has time to reread episodes 1-11, could you help me out on spelling/grammar mistakes? I'm currently working on 2.0 drafts on all of them, and two heads (or three, or four, etc.) are better than one.

12/31/04 - Yeah! I got in one last chapter before the new year! I'm telling you, it ends up being about two months between each update. Well, since I don't have school this semester, I may have more time to write. This installment is still about a half page shorter than normal, but it draws parallels between two of the important characters and sets the stage for the next big expedition. Will Tolaris be able to turn the tide of war?

10/28/04 - It was longer than I expected it to be (2 months, 17 days) but its up. The story is headed in a new direction, and this episode hints upon a lot of Zonica's history. Fear not, all we be explained/elaborated eventually!

8/11/04 - Only two weeks until school starts, and you know what that means: new episodes will take about two months apiece. Nonetheless, be diligent faithful readers! More adventures for The Reaper and his companions are on the way! Eventually.

7/4/04 - Happy 4th of July! The time for the decisive battle has come. What role will Dyna and Valiant serve in the mages' battle? And what of the mysterious Emiko; the undead woman from Tolaris' past? Will any of our heroes escape Varaxia with their lives?

6/30/04 - The gates of Varaxia have been breached! What lies ahead for our intepid heroes? What will they find at the top of the great winding staircase? Does Ailomer wait for them, or is there something more sinister? Tolaris now walks the line between victory and doom, but he still has yet to reveal his secret weapon: a spell that cannot be turned...

6/28/04 - I've never had such a quick update, wow. The plot thickens as Dyna, Tolaris, and Valiant stand before the dark guild Varaxia. Will Tolaris' lust for vengeance be their undoing? Also, who is the priestess in the Holy City of Jubar, the neighboring kingdom to Varaxia? And what do her fond memories have to do with the rising darkness in Zonica? What is this prophecy spoken of, and where does Dyna's adventure fit in? The tale continues...

6/20/04 - Who knew I would ever write another chapter? A cliffhanger, but another chapter nonetheless. Action, bloodshed, and mixed emotions abound in Wandermage: Episode 5 - "One Night in Brenon".

3/30/04 - Oh to lie such as I do. I started writing Episode 4 after Episode 3, but why it took two months to finish the last page or so is anybody's guess. But yeah, more useless background information, and stunning abuse of Dyna's Journal. Speaking of journals, check out Wandermusings, the offical weblog for the Wandermage series. See me take on the personalities of different characters! Marvel as I rant about my personal life! Embrace more useless background information!

1/7/04 - I know I say this every time, but I really am going to try and keep this site going. I have just been lacking inspiration, but the anime "Record of Lodoss War" has revitilized my interest in this project. The more people who tell me they like it, mroe motivation I have. So if you're reading this, maybe intentionally or have simply stumbed upon it, please E-mail me your feedback.

8/23/03 - So it was three months in the making, I decided to readopt the Wandermage series. I have been terribly busy with work this summer, but I am dedicated to making this my pet project this school year. I'm currently planning on a bi-weekly update, but that is just a rough estimate. There will be times of inspiration where I may write several episodes a week, and downtimes where I go three to four without an update. Bear with me, and enjoy.

5/14/03 - I started writing Episode 2 last night. The number of characters is going to quickly rise in the next few episodes, and I have faith that my readers (all 2 or 3 of you) are going to find some of them intriguing and possibly familiar. Anyway, check back by the end of the week and hopefully it'll be up!

5/9/03 - I changed the site over from frames into tables (big up to Derek for his help), and I fixed the problem with the link opening in a new window. I'll get to the author link sometime this week, and I've started work on Episode 2. Look for it soon! (Check out the bitchin' skull graphic, I rule...)

5/8/03 - Episode 1 is up! Someone told me there may be a problem with it opening in a new window, so you can right click and "save target as" is needed (honor system here: no plagiarizing). This is only a first draft, and I know for a fact that there are dozens of spelling and grammar errors that I will get to in the future. I just want to know what you think of the content, so drop me a line!

4/23/03 - The site is officially up, but episode 1 is not ready yet! I'm working on it! This is an online series of fantasy short stories that follow the path of a tormented Wandermage in a world that hates him. In the world of Zonica, spellcasters are either Guildmages, free to practice "the Art", or Wandermages, unsanctioned and unruly outlaws. Some Wandermages fall into their line by choice, others by misfortune. Either way, their lives are plagued with angst and loneliness. Drawn to the legend of "The Reaper", a powerful Wandermage who seeks out vengeance upon mages who use their powers for evil, a young bardess named Dyna unwittingly stumbles into a world she could never have imagined. Please enjoy, and I would appreciate your feedback!

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